Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Biker from Belarus

Today saw this biker, Vladimir, down my office while returning from my lunch. He was lost and was looking for some help at Harley Davidson Bike show room. He arrived the place just after it was closed for lunch. His bike is an exhibition to attract any one and it did attract me. I had to switch to the sign languages and learnt quite a good deal about him through sign language and from his album. He is deaf and dumb. I was lucky to have met him . He is a man of determination and strength that a common man lacks.

Vladimir A. Yaretsa at 64 seriously believes his personality will be by right honor in the Guinness Book of world records. Vladimir is the first deaf person to have found determination and courage and set into a round-the-world trip on a motorbike. Currently he has traveled through more than 40 countries and covered the total distance exceeding 120,000 miles and at present riding through Sultanate of Oman.

Lucky BMW bike seeing the world

A sticker on the bikes says he started his adventure on started on the 27th of May 2000, in Minsk ,Republic of Belarus. ( I checked Google to find where this country is. It was part of old USSR) . Got to admire his guts and spirit of adventure. Can't imagine an Indian going around the world in his bike or car, leaving off his warm nest. His disability to talk and hear is certainly doesn’t seem to be a problem to him.

With Oman road map. Next Destination Abu Dhabi

All the best Mr. Vladimir. Am glad I met you