Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Delhi is not far away.

30th April 10

When I reached Delhi in the wee hours of the morning she was still sleeping. She hadn’t woken up from the sleep and the weather was cooler than I had expected. Thanks to the previous day's storm, weather was better that morning. The last time I had been in Delhi was in the summer of 2006. Since my growing up  in Villupuram ,a developed village 180 km south of Madras, Delhi always held a fascination for me. It is the capital and power house of India with full of show off that amuse me. My first job gave ample opportunity to travel to Delhi and every time I visited her, she made the visit memorable. Delhi became close to my heart, especially after reading the book ‘Delhi is not far away’ by Ruskin Bond. Delhi also played a significant role in the search of the unknown me as the girl I met from Delhi helped me in glimpsing the unknown me for the first time. Her relationship helped me to see myself from a different perspective and since then the quest to find the unknown me was afire. After giving life to my electronic pet (mobile) with a local contact number ‘walk while you talk’ fame, Idea, I took a stroll on the familiar roads around New Delhi railway station. India is fast changing and so is Delhi.  Every time I see her, she has something new. This time Delhi had the Metro rail system very similar to the one in Singapore. After enjoying an hour travel in Delhi Metro, I met my friend whom I was wanting to meet for years for one more ( last??) time. Meeting her and her family was a great moment of realization of how much I had mellowed and changed over the years. The journey started on a good note as meeting her gave another glimpse of unknown me in an entirely different manner and this was most essential for my growing up and finding the unknown me. She succeeded in that once again. While parting from her, my wandering feelings for her found anchor. I was not sure if there will be another occasion to meeting her.  This time I didn’t part her with a a parting words , ‘we will meet again’  that  used to be her sentiment. I left her residence as a man with no clue what lay ahead of me. Travel always holds surprises and some wise man said life is a journey. A travel.

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Laxmi said...

"Dilli dur nahi " is a Hindi version of the book by different author author.Looks like your long awaited trip got paid off.